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Legend Hair Transplant is a Turkish hair transplant clinic providing hair transplant packages to UK patients looking for high quality, affordable treatment. The high levels of excellence that our team of surgeons strive for has put us right
at the forefront of the hair transplant industry in Turkey and Europe.

After first opening our doors to patients in late November of 2015, we here at Legend Hair Transplant have been providing hair replacement surgery to thousands of happy patients in Istanbul, Turkey, and all around the world, by offering only
the highest quality hair transplants at affordable and competitive prices we can be proud of.

You can rest assured knowing that our highly qualified and experienced surgeons are 110% dedicated to achieving the best possible results you could hope for from your hair transplant, while keeping costs as low and competitive as possible. We
don’t believe that you should have to pay through the roof to restore a full head of hair and recapture your youth, and that’s why we continually strive day after day to provide the best service possible for the lowest possible price.

In recent years, Turkey has become an incredibly popular destination for cosmetic tourism, and we definitely know what it takes to stay on top of the game. That’s why we offer you a competitive package including 5* luxury accommodation and VIP
transfers to make sure your hair transplant experience is as smooth, and comfortable as it can possibly be, and free of any friction.

If you’re looking to achieve a long-lasting hair replacement treatment, the hair transplants we provide here at Legend Hair Transplant are of the highest possible quality there is, and we want to provide you with the best experience possible.
Let’s face it, no one likes the idea of surgery or actively wants to undergo it, so this is one of the many reasons, along with our passion for excellence, why we want to make your hair transplant experience as smooth and comfortable as it can possibly

From the very start of your hair transplant process you’ll be guided by a friendly member of our call centre through a telephone consultation. This will help to provide us with a clear image of the kind of treatment you’ll need to receive, and
by figuring out the duration your treatment will need to be or how many grafts you’ll require, our expert phone consultation team can put together a quote for your treatment, and put a date in the calendar for your surgery.

Competitive Pricing

Here in the UK, the average hair transplant procedure can take quite a hefty chunk from your bank account. In fact, you can expect hair transplant surgery in the UK to set you back anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000, usually toward the higher end of the scale. Depending on factors like the extent of your hair loss, the hair loss procedure you undergo, and the quality of the surgeon and the team doing the work, this figure can vary quite wildly. You can also expect to pay a premium in certain parts of the country, like London for example. If we take a look across the pond to the United States too, you could expect to pay anywhere in the region of $4,000 and $15,000. Again, these are incredibly serious amounts of money.

Here at Legend Hair Transplant however, our highly qualified and experienced surgeons are some of the best the country has to offer, and our affordable and inclusive package offers you the best possible results in the form of a neat and hassle free package, which includes not only any and all surgery fees, but also you accommodation and any transfers that you’ll require too, along with follow-up treatment and post-operative medications for only £1,250. The only additional expense you’ll need to pay for is the flights.

5* Accommodation

Our all inclusive hair transplant Turkey package that we offer to you will provide you with the best luxury 5* accommodation you could want, for both before and after your hair transplant procedure. We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as you can be before going into your hair transplant procedure, and we also want you to be able to have the best possible relaxation after it too.

When you arrive in Istanbul, you’ll be collected from the airport by one of our VIP transfer greeters and taken to your luxury 5* hotel to make sure you’re as well rested as possible before your hair transplant the following day. Your VIP transfer will be there again to pick you up after your surgery and return you to your hotel so you can rest and recuperate from your hair transplant as comfortably as possible.

We believe that a comfortable and stress free recovery is key to achieving the best possible results from your hair transplant, so it’s important to us that all of our patients are as comfortable and free from stress as possible throughout the whole process. Our entire team here at Legend Hair Transplant want to make sure to arrange only the highest quality in luxurious accommodation for you and every other one of our patients.

Travel Coordinators

Our expert in house travel coordinators are on hand ready and able to help ensure not only that your hair transplant procedure goes as smoothly as possible, but also that your entire trip to Turkey goes off without a hitch. We can even help
you arrange flights or any other aspect of your trip that aren’t included as part of the Hair Transplant Turkey Package.

A stress free and seamless experience is of the upmost importance to our whole team here at Legend Hair Transplant, and we strive to provide it for you from the second you get in contact with us. Our expert in house team of travel coordinators
will be able to offer you all the help and guidance you need, and will also work with you to put together itineraries for you, along with assisting you with any flight information that you may need. Once you’ve paid your deposit and your surgery date
has been put into the calendar, our in house team of expert travel coordinators will work around the clock to provide you with a fully optimised and personalised bespoke itinerary that will best suit the needs and requirements of your hair transplant

At Legend Hair Transplant we’re fully dedicated and committed to providing you with the most reliable and professional service all around, not just when it comes to the operating room. That’s why we keep everything in house and ensure that every
itinerary we provide for our patients is up to the highest standards that we strive each and every day to achieve, across each and every stage of your hair transplant procedure.

By ensuring that everything we do is kept in house and not taken care of by a third party, we can allow you to rest assured in knowing that we’ve got every possible minute detail covered, and that there can be no hitch along the way. From the
time you arrive at the airport to the time you arrive back home, you can rest assured knowing that each step along the journey of your hair transplant will have been designed and personalised with you in mind, to suit the needs of your hair transplant

Dedicated Host

For all of our amazing team here at Legend Hair Transplant, it’s of the upmost importance to ensure that your entire experience is as seamless and comfortable as it can possibly be. In order for us to best achieve this, we’ll provide you with a dedicated host who can help you with anything and everything you need while you’re with us in Turkey. Your dedicated host will be on hand whenever you need them, ready to explain the hair transplant process to you and answer any questions you may have.

The whole Legend Hair Transplant team wants nothing more than for you to have the most comfortable and smooth experience possible while visiting Turkey for your hair transplant procedure, and your dedicated host is one of our many efforts to ensure your hair transplant experience is a resoundingly positive one. Your host will be fully dedicated to making sure that you get the most out of your 3 days here with us in Istanbul, and he or she will be your point of call for your consultation and your surgery, along with being on hand to provide support while recovering.

Each and every one of our patients that pass through our doors here at Legend Hair Transplant will be provided with his or her own dedicated host, and he or she will stay on hand for the duration of your time in Turkey. It’s important to us and our entire team that each of our patients has the same single host throughout their whole experience, as we believe that familiarity during an unfamiliar time can be important and comforting to our many patients that choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure with us. Whether it’s while you’re at our clinic, at your 5* luxury hotel, or even after the whole process is over and you’re back home, your dedicated Legend Hair Transplant host will be there as the central figure by your side during the whole process, and with so many people involved, he or she can provide you with an easy port of call for any concerns, queries or any questions that you may have at any given time. We believe that if you can be kept up to date with the on goings of your procedure as simply as possible, then your whole experience can be smooth and clear from the first minute to the last.

Your dedicated host can also function as a translator for you, and we have hosts specialising in a wide range of languages. We can’t emphasise enough just how comfortable and care free we want your hair transplant experience with us to be, that’s why it’s important to us that you can get around during your stay with full clarity and without any confusion. Additionally, your dedicated host will be fully medically trained, too.

Your dedicated host will also remain assigned to you for up to a year following your procedure. This is important to us too, as you may have many questions or concerns that pop up during the healing process, and they can offer you any advice you may need to help enhance the results of your hair transplant.

Throughout the entire process, we here at Legend Hair Transplant want our patients to recognise that we’ve put them first and foremost. By providing a first class aftercare team for long after the surgery has been completed, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back no matter what, and regardless of what part of the journey you’re on, we’re here for you to help you achieve the best results you possibly can from your hair transplant.

So if you’re looking to recapture your youth and your former head of hair and think you could benefit from a hair transplant without having to pay through the nose, then our affordable treatment package, put some of the highest qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeons in all of Turkey, is here for you. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Legend Hair Transplant today for your free online consultation, and find out exactly what our highly qualified and experienced team of surgeons and medical professionals can do for you.