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Hair Transplants in London, England

At one-time hair, transplants were not commonly sought due to the stigma attached to them. However, today, due to the influx of celebrities that are obtaining hair transplants, they are more socially acceptable. Women also embark on hair transplants, but it is more common for men to receive hair transplants.

Reasons People Get Hair Transplants

The biggest reason people choose to get hair transplants is physical appearance. When people start to lose their hair to the point, it is extremely thin or results in bald patches, they suffer emotional trauma. Balding can lead to loss of self-confidence,
loss of self-esteem, and depression. Some people even avoid social events they once enjoyed due to their lack of self-confidence. Although hats and hairpieces can be used, sometimes they are more hassle to use than they are worth. For this reason,
hair transplants are the perfect option.

Obtaining a Hair Transplant in London, England

London has a great reputation for hair transplants. However, it is very expensive to have one performed there. Harley Street is a popular location in London for hair transplants. However, this prestigious location comes at a much higher price. Some Harley
Street locations in London are occupied permanently by hair restoration surgeons. However, some of the clinics are rented out to surgeons on a daily or weekly basis.

Advantages of Hair Transplants in London


There are a few advantages to having a hair transplant in London. The largest advantage for UK residents is the fact that London is the capital city and transportation is very easy. Many UK locations have transportation to London either via train, bus,
or personal vehicle. However, public transportation can be expensive and unreliable.

No Language Barriers

Obtaining a hair transplant in London, pretty much guarantees you will have an English speaking surgeon and clinical staff. No need to pay for translation services.

Highly-Experienced Qualified Surgeons

There are several reputable hair transplant clinics in London with highly-qualified and experienced surgeons. Although Harley Street is the most famous, you can even book your hair transplant procedure with a celebrity doctor if you can afford it. Celebrity
doctors charge up to 30,000 pounds for a simple hair transplant. Hair transplant costs in general in London are quite hefty.


If you are lucky, you will have an in-person consultation with the surgeon. However, many times it is the patient coordinator that conducts your initial consultation.

Follow-Up Appointments

If you live in the UK, it is much easier to go back to the London clinic for follow up appointments.

Payment Plans

Many London hair transplant clinics offer payment plans. However, be very careful to read the fine print because these plans can greatly vary from clinic to clinic.

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Hair Transplant London Cost

Disadvantages of Hair Transplants in London

The Cost

The biggest disadvantage of having a hair transplant in London is the cost. It is extremely expensive to have a hair transplant procedure done there. Some examples of pricing, although also subject to change are:

£6,500 for a FUT full head of hair (Also depends on the number of grafts required)

Prices for FUE transplants begin at £4,500 for 1000 grafts at a typical London clinic.

FUE hair transplant prices at a Harley Street Clinic start at £3,000 for a small number of grafts and go up to £30,000 for a full head of hair, depending on the number of grafts required.

Expanding Treatments

Due to the high expense involved in London hair transplants, some clinics suggest their patients expand their treatment over several years. This is a great sales strategy for the clinics as they don’t want to scare potential patients away with the exorbitant
amount the complete hair transplant will ultimately cost. However, in the end, the patient ends up having to wait a lot longer for the final results, and they end up paying more in the long run.


It can be quite expensive for patients to travel to London for hair transplants. Commonly in London, the maximum number of grafts offered by hair transplant clinics are between 2000 and 2500 grafts at a time. This means the patient would have to return
for future procedures to attain the optimum results they are looking for. Traveling back and forth can become quite expensive.

London, England is Not The Only Option For Hair Transplants

The number one leading country in the world for hair transplants is Turkey. Turkey is one of the top countries for Medical Tourism. Men travel from all over the world to obtain hair transplants in Turkey. Turkey provides affordable, quality hair transplants.
The average cost, depending on the technique used and the number of grafts required is approximately £1,699 to £3,199. This is by far much cheaper than a hair transplant procedure in London.

Hair Transplants in Turkey


International patients may have their initial consultation via Skype or telephone as they cannot meet in person at the time. However, once international patients arrive in Turkey, they will meet in person with either the surgeon or a patient co-ordinator
for one on one consultation. Consultations include the gathering of medical information, past surgical procedures, over health condition, blood testing, patients expectations, procedure planning, and overview of the procedure that has been decided
upon. This is the time to ask any questions you may have regarding your transplant. You must understand pre-surgical preparation, surgical procedure, and post-operative care.

Accessibility, Affordability, and Professionalism in Turkey


Due to the high volume of hair transplant surgeries that are performed in Turkey, there is an abundance of hair restoration clinics available to meet constant international demands. For example, Istanbul alone has over 350 hair restoration clinics. Patients
will not experience long waiting periods that they may otherwise face in their native countries. Patients quite often can have hair restoration completed within the time period they were hoping for. Even though international patients cannot visit
in person to Turkey clinics once they return home, follow-ups can be performed via Skype or by telephone. Regular communication will continue for up to 1 year following a procedure.



Economics in Turkey is the largest contributing factor for clinics to offer such affordable prices for hair transplants. The cost of living is far less in Turkey than in many other countries. A family in Turkey can live on a mere 1500 dollars a month,
which is considered next to nothing in many other countries. Labor costs are much less than in other places in the world. Clinic rental and lease rates are far lower as well. As Turkey manufactures all its own state-of-the-art medical equipment, so
there is no need to import expensive equipment from other countries, which is also a contributing factor to low hair transplant costs.


Turkey has some of the most world-renowned hair transplant surgeons in the world. Although they may not be paid as well in Turkey, volume alone makes up for any shortfalls in hourly rates. Hair restoration in Turkey is a very competitive industry, so
surgeons and clinical staff must retain a highly regarded reputation. They work very hard at learning new innovative methods for hair transplantation and obtain a high volume of experience and quality service. Most plastic surgeons in Turkey solely
focus on hair transplantation, making them an expert in the field. Clinic team members receive all required training to help facilitate safe, problem-free procedures

Government Regulations and Safety Standards

Turkey’s government officials have set out very rigid regulations and safety standards surrounding the hair transplant industry. Government officials conduct regular, random inspections of all hair restoration clinics and hospital facilities, ensuring
they meet all the necessary regulations and requirements. They ensure that all medical equipment and tools used in the procedures are properly sanitized. The procedure protocol must be followed.


Some clinics in Turkey charge a fee per graft, where others charge by the session. Depending on the number of grafts that are required to complete the hair transplant, a discussion with the surgeon or patient co-ordinator should help decide which fee
schedule is best for you. Shop around to find the best pricing and quality that will give you the end result you are looking for.

International Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

To help accommodate the needs of their patients, most hair restoration clinics in Turkey offer international patients packages. Traditionally these packages include:

  • A warm greeting at the airport
  • Transportation in Turkey for the duration of your stay
  • Accommodation for approximately 2 nights stays in a 4 or 5-star hotel.
  • 2-day breakfasts
  • The surgical procedure, including a certified surgeon and support staff
  • All shampoos, medications, and lotions required for post-surgical care
  • Translation services are optional when required

Typically the packages are still far more economical than having hair transplants in other parts of the world. Some international patients can save up to 80% having their surgery in Turkey as opposed to their native country. Without the opportunity of
traveling to Turkey, some patients would never be able to afford a hair transplant.

Hair Transplants in London Versus Hair Transplants in Turkey


The largest difference in hair transplants in London versus Turkey is the cost factor. A hair transplant in London, especially if done at a Harley Street Clinic, may be next to impossible for the average patient to afford. However, hair transplant costs
in Turkey can meet almost anyone’s budget. Depending on where you live, in some cases, a hair transplant in Turkey can be up to 80% cheaper. However, in most cases, it is approximately 50% cheaper. Regardless this is still a huge saving that can present
hair transplant opportunities to those that may never have been able to afford one.


Due to the high cost of hair transplants in London, the FUT method is most often selected for the average person. This method provides more discomfort and healing time for the patient. Only those who can afford the higher cost of the FUE method will be
fortunate enough to have one. This method has minimal scarring that is not visible and heals much faster than the FUT method. However, in Turkey, eventually, the FUT method will become obsolete due to the optimum results the FUE method provides. There
is some difference in the cost between the two, but both are very affordable, so why not go for the procedure that will provide you with the best outcome. Turkey also has several variations of the FUE method, such as:

  • Sapphire FUE
  • DHI Choi FUE

Which are also quite affordable. Turkish surgeons are constantly seeking new innovative techniques for hair restoration. This is was keeps Turkey on top of the hair restoration industry.

Affordability Does Not Jeopardize Quality

Just because hair restoration procedures in Turkey are very affordable, does not mean that patient care and quality of service is compromised. As mentioned before, some of the best hair restoration surgeons in the world are located in Turkey. The Turkish
government oversees all clinics and hospitals that provide these services to ensure the highest quality and highest level of safety is provided to all patients. Not only does choosing Turkey for your hair transplant save you a lot of money, but it
also helps the Turkish economy. Turkey is very highly ranked in the medical tourism industry.

Turkey – A Great Place To Visit

Turkey is not just a medical tourist destination, but many other people choose Turkey as their vacation destination. Turkey’s unique culture has much to offer international visitors. The Turks are very warm, welcoming citizens who thrive on the arrival
of visitors.

Enjoy a variety of delicious cuisine throughout Turkey, which can be a mix of European, Asian, Balkan, and includes a little twist of the Middle East. Many foreign countries identify with kebabs as being Turkish cuisine; however, traditionally, Turkish
cuisine includes a variety of rice, bread, and vegetables.

Delicious desserts include many savory and sweet pastries. Many dough-based pastries are used to make Turkish specialty desserts.